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Submitted by Dr Thiakunu C K Mwirabua on

I am a Private Medical Practationer in Kenya Rural Set up where the impact of PPP has not been felt much because of the rate of the uptake except in the current ongoing of the equiping of the Government Hospitals in the Counties.
As private Practioner with small Health facility of 20 Bed capacity we usually have problems in raising the capital base because of the High interest Rate for the Commercial banks in the country despite the current capping of the bank rates. However the future is promising because of the Government trying to implement the Universal Health Care with the NHIF becoming a Payer to lower the Out of Pocket mode of paying by the clients which is catastriphict the Family and the entire Kenya Citizenry.
We in private sector in the lower level of the Capital Base we are proving Unbaankable worthy to make it to be able reach the limit of being Financed by the Low Rate World Bank AFFILIATES THE _ AFC because of their Minimum they are ready to offer and we cant be able to consume eg minimum being 3-5 Milioon USD .
How can the PPP Directoraate come out to help the Indigenoous health Providers to be able to gain acces to financial Base capital which would enable us to upsccale our Health Facilities so that we can upscale our service delivery now that the NHIF is a good Payer????I am looking for a Strategic Partner to upscale the facilty to be able to offer the Health services to the needy in Kenya like thePrivate Hospitals in India which are affordable to the Citizenry!